СНПЧ А7 Самара, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

Nowadays Chip tuning has become widely popular around the world. Most car owners already know what chip tuning is, but many are still unsure about the benefits.

Chip tuning is the absolutely advantageous opportunity. Growth of the power output and the engine torque as well as decrease in the fuel consumption shall make any car owner happy. However Chip tuning has some disadvantages. In many cases the quality of the tuned firmware leaves much to be desired. At best the potential of your engine will not be unleashed to the full extent and the boost of the power output and the engine torque shall be up to 10-12%; at worst you can face much more serious problems caused by the incorrect impact on the important firmware areas.

You can reliably assess the general technical condition of your car power unit subject to Chip tuning as well as the compliance of the claimed performance ratings after Chip tuning with the help of DynoStand. It is important to know that the performance of cars with the same engine may substantially vary depending on the car technical condition.

Measurements of the power output at DynoStand as well as measurements of the engine torque within the full range of the engine RPM speed allow getting the comprehensive information about the technical condition of the car's engine and transmission.

Testing of the firmware at DynoStand shows that the promised growth of 20-30% is a quite difficult task, which cannot be carried out by any company specialized in Chip tuning. This kind of tuning - without the mechanical intervention into the engine's components and assemblies - is conventionally classified as Stage 1 in Europe.

We use the eddy-current dynamometric stand BPA-4R manufactured by the Italian company Bapro which enables taking the high-precision measurements of power characteristics of cars with the wheel arrangements 2WD - front- or rear-wheel driven - and 4WD - all-wheel driven. Measurements can be taken on cars with both manual and automatic gearbox.

Besides measurements of the power characteristics the DynoStand BPA-4A enables the step-by-step measurements as well as the road test simulation with variable load for the optimal tuning of the car according to the specified requirements. Company Bapro is the supplier of such brands as Fiat Group Automobiles, Citroen, Porsche, Ducati, Benelli, Harley Davidson, TM Racing, Suzuki, KTM.

DynoStand BPA-4A has the following specifications:

Maximal speed 360 km/h
Maximal measurable power output 1200 hP
Maximal tractive effort 16000 N
Roller diameter 400 mm
Roller width 700 mm
Roller balance grade (G class) Q6.3


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