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Opel cars equipped with diesel engines are in great demand among the car owners, both new and pre-owned. Opel Insignia car with engine line 2.0 CDTI is not exceptional. As you can see in the table below Opel offers for Insignia a wider choice of engines and gearboxes.

Note: M32WR and F40WR – manual gearbox, AF40 – automatic gearbox

Power output of engines A20DT(C,L,J) after Chip tuning increases up to 185-190 h.p. and 400-420 Nm.

For the engines A20DTH we offer Chip tuning with growth of the power output up to 190-195 h.p. and maximal engine torque up to 440-450 Nm. After Chip tuning we provides the real charts of the power output and the engine toque measurements at the dynamometric stand.

For the engines A20DTR BiTurbo the power output after chip-tuning increases up to 225-230 h.p. and the maximal engine torque up to 470-480 Nm.

For the whole line of the 2.0 CDTI engines it is possible to programmatically remove the particulate filter (DPF) and switch off the EGR (exhausted gases recirculation) system. All mechanic works are done by our skilled mechanical engineers.

Most of the modified engine control programs are developed and tested at our dynamometric stand. Part of the software is the product of cooperation with the leading foreign developers.

NEW tested solutions

25.09.2015 DSG DQ500 gearboxes modifications - LC activation rpm increase, speed of shifting time increasing, Upshifting and Downshifting, pressure increasing and many others options now available.
02.07.2015 Toyota Denso ECU DPF/EGR/Cat OFF/ Stage 1 now possible
05.06.2015 Chrysler/Jeep 3.0Crd EDC17C49/C79 DPF/Adblue OFF tested solutions.
01.05.2015 BMW SERIE X5 F15 DDE8EDC17CP49 TC1797 Adblue SCR and DPF functions full deactivation now available!

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