The car arrived for the power output measurement at the DynoStand because the previous car owner already performed Chip tuning. The promised growth after Chip tuning had to be 325 h.p. and 650 Nm of the engine torque. However, results of the first measurement raised a doubt - only 292 h.p. and 614 Nm. 'Though the factory values were 286 h.p. and 580 Nm. That was an issue of either the tuning quality or the car failure. After recovery of the original control unit firmware the next measurement showedthe values of 262 h.p. and 551 Nm.

Upon detailed review of the parameters a problem with the particulate filter was detected: despite of no corresponding fault codes appeared, the measured pressure drop of the particulate filter reached 600 Mbar which was not good for the engine. It was decided to remove the filter.

Finally after 4 hours of works the particulate filter was removed. Measurement showed 264 h.p. 558 Nm. Expectations of the substantial growth of the power output after removal of the particulate filter were not satisfied...

On the owner's demand we uploaded our tuning firmware and the results reached 310 h.p. and 650 Nm. The owner cheered up.

However this was only a start. There is a "tougher" firmware for cars with the particulate filter removed. We made reprogramming, took measurements and got 341 h.p. and 742 Nm at the peak. Remarkable result was the eventually complete absence of the black smoke; and it was reached with the particulate filter removed and after the Chip tuning! Despite of some deviations from the factory parameters the result was reached.

We sent the owner to the test drive and his impressions were amazing, as he would drive another car!

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01.05.2015 BMW SERIE X5 F15 DDE8EDC17CP49 TC1797 Adblue SCR and DPF functions full deactivation now available!

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