Our regular clients, as well as new clients who are planning to build a long-lasting relationship with our company, are encouraged to take advantage of our new special credit-based discount program.

If you are our regular client utilizing our services over 30 times a month, then, as statistics show, your average order will be around 110 EUR, which adds up to the monthly costs of 3300 EUR.

Many clients are very familiar with our chip tunings and enjoy quick, professional and thorough services provided by our support team, who are always here to assist them. Thus we believe that our clients will appreciate the convenience and savings that our discount system offers. The discount system is based on four levels as described below:

level 1 – you purchase a 1000 EUR package with a 7%-discount rate. Your account balance becomes 1070 EUR (savings of 70 EUR);
level 2 – you purchase a 2000 EUR package with a 12%-discount rate. Your account balance becomes 2240 EUR (savings of 240 EUR);
level 3 – you purchase a 3000 EUR package with a 16.5%-discount rate. Your account balance becomes 3500 EUR (savings of 500 EUR);
level 4 – you purchase a 4000 EUR package with a 25%-discount rate. Your account balance becomes 5000 EUR (savings of 1000 EUR);

Your future orders will be deducted from your account based on the standard prices listed on our webpage. On top of that you will continue to enjoy the previously offered additional discounts for the orders combining several options, e.g. DPF OFF+EGR OFF, AdBlue OFF+ DPF OFF + Stage 1, and other services.

This discount system has proved to be our sustainable and reliable practice as well as valuable and cost-saving experience for many of our clients.


NEW tested solutions

25.09.2015 DSG DQ500 gearboxes modifications - LC activation rpm increase, speed of shifting time increasing, Upshifting and Downshifting, pressure increasing and many others options now available.
02.07.2015 Toyota Denso ECU DPF/EGR/Cat OFF/ Stage 1 now possible
05.06.2015 Chrysler/Jeep 3.0Crd EDC17C49/C79 DPF/Adblue OFF tested solutions.
01.05.2015 BMW SERIE X5 F15 DDE8EDC17CP49 TC1797 Adblue SCR and DPF functions full deactivation now available!

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