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Chip tuning is the tuning of the electronic controller operational modes by means of adjustment of the internal control programs (firmware). Generally this term refers to adjustment of the program in the engine control unit of a car in order to achieve superior performance (Wikipedia).

Our company offers the professional Chip tuning of engine in Minsk aimed to improve the power and dynamic characteristics of your car. For convenience, this process can be divided into several steps.

1. Assessment of the general technical condition of car, in particular the engine, the transmission and the brake system. The best choice is the measurement at the dynamometric stand. This will enable to assess compliance of the power output and the engine torque values claimed by the manufacturer and to eliminate the likelihood of Chip tuning performed by the previous car owner. In case a failure was detected - for example in case of the insufficient boost - it is required first to recover this failure. Quality of the used fuel is also of a great importance.

2. Reading of the original program (firmware) from the controller (control unit)

This procedure can be carried out either via the standard diagnostics connector OBD2 or directly by removal and opening of the engine control unit. The best choice is the first option when the damage of the control unit is avoided. However, for most cars manufactured after 2009 the dismantling of the control unit is required. We use the most up-to-date hardware and software for reading and recording from/to the control block program which enables us to work with the vast majority of modern cars. Original firmware is saved in the database and is always available to us when required.

3. Adjustment of the read firmware

Most of the tuning companies do not edit the read files but instead send them to the companies specialized particularly in editing. Result of Chip tuning depends exactly on how skilled is the specialist who edits the program, how clearly he understands the engine operation, its reserves and bottlenecks. Editing of the controller program usually involves the use of the special software. Specialists of our company use the licensed software WinOLS. Cooperation with the leading specialists in the field of Chip tuning as well as our own experience enable us to find the best solutions for increase of the power output and reduction of the fuel consumption.

4. Recording the adjusted firmware to the controller

This is the very crucial step. In order to complete the recording procedure successfully one should strictly follow the sequence of actions as the interruption of recording can cause the irreversible damage of the control unit at the software level and even require the control unit replacement. The battery charge level should also be controlled in order to avoid its discharge during recording. For some cars the recording of firmware can take up to 1,5 hours. The access of the client to his car should be also restricted as some clients can absolutely reflexively attempt to switch off the ignition and remove the ignition key.

5. Measurement of results at the dynamometric stand or the test drive. Analysis of the power output and engine torque charts allows to assess results of the works done and either to complete the Chip tuning procedure or continue reworking back from the step 3. For the cars on diesel fuel it is also necessary to estimate the soot content in the exhaust at least visually; unless the goal of Chip tuning was reaching of the extreme performance.

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