ECO tuning trucks and agriculture

Savings in fuel consumption are up to 15%!

Your truck or your fleet of trucks has enormous potential savings that can be enabled with the help of truck ECO Tuning, and that brings fuel savings up to 15%.

It becomes even more important to recognize that fact and act accordingly, because the costs of transport companies are steadily growing. Not just fuel costs, but also costs for other inventory materials, increased road tolls, etc. day by day add complexity to the work in this industry.

Due to optimization of truck fuel consumption, you can use your vehicle more effectively and achieve greater power at low rotating speed, which leads to lower fuel consumption and therefore means economy from 2 to 5 litres per 100 km.

Agricultural vehicles optimization

Special Chiptuning for combine harvesters, tractors and other agricultural vehicles Power of engines for agricultural vehicles is designed for standard use and configured for the use of diesel fuel. Often, however, this power is not enough, for example, in case of a wet grass or heavy soil. Especially the power is lacking if you use biodiesel fuel. In this case, a few extra horsepowers or higher torque would be useful, for example, to increase the speed of work specifically in conditions of modern contracting enterprise, as well as to reduce fuel consumption. But who will buy the next largest and much more expensive model for this purpose?

We suggest that you to increase engine power up to 20% while increasing the torque. Due to the change in the engine control we achieve an optimization of air masses and increased torque up to 200 Nm. Now you do not have to constantly utilize engines with power limit, and you can save up to 15% of fuel.

For vehicles running on biodiesel fuel, it is also possible to carry out customization with the same result.

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