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More and more vehicle owners are looking to remove the engines troublesome EGR valves from their vehicles as they are getting tired of paying big money to replace them regularly. The problem is, once you do this, you run into problems... If you simply remove the EGR system from the car, but do not disable it in the vehicles ECU, you will likely run into many problems:

  • Detonation
  • Poor running
  • Lack of power
  • Excessive temperature
  • ECU Fault light on dash


We can safely and correctly remove the EGR operation from your ECU, without the need for you to physically remove the valve itself so there are no tell tale signs that it has been done. (Assuming its in good order of course)

BEWARE: A great many unscrupulous so called "Remappers" are just turning off the EGR fault code system so that the fault light doesn’t come on the dash for EGR problems anymore. This leaves the system trying to use the valve and in time can damage the engine quite significantly.


NEW tested solutions

25.09.2015 DSG DQ500 gearboxes modifications - LC activation rpm increase, speed of shifting time increasing, Upshifting and Downshifting, pressure increasing and many others options now available.
02.07.2015 Toyota Denso ECU DPF/EGR/Cat OFF/ Stage 1 now possible
05.06.2015 Chrysler/Jeep 3.0Crd EDC17C49/C79 DPF/Adblue OFF tested solutions.
01.05.2015 BMW SERIE X5 F15 DDE8EDC17CP49 TC1797 Adblue SCR and DPF functions full deactivation now available!

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