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Signs of the catalyst outage and what to do in such situation

Owners of cars with the gasoline engine sooner or later face the problem of the catalyst outage. This impairs the car dynamics, the engine operation becomes unstable, and the lamp of the engine failure lights up on the dashboard. Afterwards - following the "competent" advise - the catalytic converter is cut out at the nearby car service station or in a garage and then nothing still changes.

Let's see step-by-step what to do when you have faced such situation. If you encounter any fault symptoms of the car engine you should pass the computer diagnostics instead of follow advises of people not accountable for repair of your car. There's a high probability that the problem is not in the catalyst.

It's important to know that the determination of whether the catalyst is plugged or not is only possible by measurement of the exhaust back pressure which is sometimes very difficult to do. In most cases the decision on the catalytic converter removal is made upon the visual inspection of the catalyst.

Most common symptom of the catalyst failure is the ignition of the engine fault lamp on the dashboard with the fault code H0420-H0430 Low catalyst efficiency. The car behavior in this case either does not change at all or the car dynamics impairs and the fuel consumption increases. Engine control unit controls the catalyst efficiency by means of the oxygen content sensors (lambda-probes) at the exhaust.

Finding the cause of a problem and the ways of solution

There are quite a lot of causes of the catalyst outage - low fuel quality, faults of the engine control system, engine misfire - leading to the damage of the catalyst. Replacement of the failed catalyst converter with new one is expensive and does not guarantee the fail-safe operation of the new part.

We offer the software switch-off of the catalyst control. After reprogramming of the engine control unit the catalyst efficiency becomes out of control, and this allows the safe physical removal of the catalyst converter.

As a rule, the toxicity of the car exhaust after the catalyst switch-off drops to the Euro-2 level. Reprogramming of the engine control unit is a complicated process and in most cases is more expensive than the installation of so called "cheaters" but it allows eliminating of the second set of lambda-probes and resolving of the catalyst problem once and for all.

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